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Another question about extreme hunger and weight restoration- sorry! TW numbers

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I've been in recovery for about 4 months now, and have been trying to eat 3000+ for over two months now. TW I've gained 12kg (from BMI 14-17.9). My pre ED BMI was about 22-23. I also got my period back for the first time in ages last week, and nearly all of my starvation symptoms have gone. I occasionally feel dizzy (it's usually when I've eaten less so I think this might be normal) and I have for the first time in a while experienced what has felt like extreme hunger (I have been eating between 1800-2500, and today I've eaten about 3000 and felt ravenous all day). I was basically just wondering if this is normal and if anyone else experience extreme hunger after being at nearly a normal weight? I feel so lost in recovery at the moment, kind of like I'm in limbo? I'm not sure if I need to gain anymore since my symptoms have pretty much gone and I've got my period back. I will appreciate any advice because I just feel so lost at the moment Neutral

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Extreme hunger may come at any point in recovery. Also after reaching a stable weight. Extreme hunger is actually a part of everyones lives, it just that people in recovery experience it more often. It happens whenever the body needs a boost of energy (just before menstruation, after a stressful day etc.)

If your body is still gaining, then it needs to gain more. You can't really decide on whether or not you need to gain more because that would mean cutting back on the calories to a level which is not pleasant to life on. Not for you, and not for your body. Your metabolism would then never be fixed and you would have to live on too few calories for the rest of your life to maintain that weight. Stay strong, you deserve to be happy and healthy <3

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My phone is still not the best gadget for writing.. Sorry about the misspellings

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BMI 17.9 is still underweight. Even the 18.5 'healthy' BMI isnt healthy for most of us. And eating 1800 calories is still restriction, even 2500 is low in recovery. The proof is that now you are experiencing extrem hunger which is your body telling you you need to eat way more the repair all the damages you've caused. You shoud eat at least 3000 calories and even more whenever you're hungry. Let go and listen to your body, that's the key and that's by far the healthiest thing you could do right now. Just because you have your periods back doesn't mean you are healthy. Some girls are dying and they still have their period. But it is a good sign, you are in the right direction! Just follow your hunger, it's the only way the extrem hunger will pass and then everything will stabilized. I promise you, you wont be extremly hungry for ever. It's perfectly normal, what wouldn't be normal is if you dont listen to those cravings. Trust your body, it knows what its doing! Smile

Keep going & be proud of yourself! xox

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