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Extreme hunger!

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1 Extreme hunger! on Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:10 pm

I think i'm having extreme hubger since 2 days or so but I can't follow my hunger! I can hear to my body! I'm so afeaid that I will gain so so much and idk... I have to gain yes, but I don't want to gain so so much in so short time! The hunger is also really strange is like i'm hungry but is a strange hunger... What should i do? Please help!

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2 Re: Extreme hunger! on Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:15 pm

firstly i can PROMISE you that extreme hunger is very normal in recovery , almost everyone in recovery experience it Smile i experienced it , it happened almost everyday
BUT , extreme hunger will pass , IT WONT HAPPEN FOREVER. mine has subsided down significantly , i still have a large appetite now but now my body knows when to stop eating

what you should do is to keep eating , ya i know that's not the answer you may wanna hear , but this is a reassurance that i can give you , listen to your body and eat when you need to /want to , follow your desire and hunger , don't restrict and stop all exercise, your body will use the energy to heal itself. you may gain weight fast initially , but they are not all real weight i promise , most of them are water weight , your metabolism will speed up too and you will feel it Smile
don't be afraid , it may seems very scary , but it is worth it. you will not fain forever and you will not become "obese " or whatever like what ed says , i thought i was a binge eater and would gain forever till i exploded , but NO , i was so wrong . I'm weight restored , my period is finally back and i am not obese Wink i simply just return to how i am supposed to look like

you can see how i look like on my instagram if you still wan more reassurance ,

stay strong!! <3<3 it is worth it , fight for you life and you will not regret it
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3 Re: Extreme hunger! on Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:22 pm

The only way is to listen to your body. Eat whatever you are craving, those cravings are there for a good reason. There's no healthy or unhealthy food. EVERYTHING is healthy, as long as you are eating enough of every type of food. Dont feel guilty for eating what makes you happy, we often forgot that eating is necessary for living yes, but it also have a huge impact on the mood. If both of your body and your sweet tooth are satisfied, then you'll be much, much more happy. We eat with our senses - we smell, we taste, we touch & we look. Broccolis aren't as sexy as chocolate cakes and thats NORMAL to eat the chocolate cakes. What isn't normal would be to try to supress those cravings. Listen to your body, it desperately tries to talk to you. Let go & eat. That extreme hunger will pass ONLY if you listen to it. Once your body will have everything it needs, you wont have those cravings. I had this too. If it can help, i was eating around 4500-6000calories everyday for about 2 or 3 weeks non-stop and i was mostly eating Drumsticks. God they were good. I felt like the more i ate them, the more i wanted them. And thats okay, the hunger passed and now i dont crave Drumsticks at all.. *which is a little sad ahahah* LONG STORY SHORT, eaaaaat and be proud for listening to your wonderful body! Smile xox

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