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When does extreme hunger end? Will it?

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1 When does extreme hunger end? Will it? on Mon Nov 10, 2014 5:18 pm

Hey, *sorry for bad english*

I'm recovering from anorexia and have followed minnie maud in two months now. I've got my period back and have no starvation symptoms, and now only 2 kgs away from my pre-ed weight where I would guess my set-point is. But I still have extreme hunger some days. This scares me really hard. Is it normal, will it ever pass? Feels like i just keep gaining and gaining.  Could it be that i've got into some kind of binge-eating-disorder instead? I don't compensate or anything so I don't really get my hunger cues. So afraid this will never end because it feel like i've had this forever now. One day I can have totally "normal" hunger and fulness cues and the next I never feel full. Than I can eat like 8000-10000+ calories, srsly but  a "normal" day it usally ends around 3500, which still feels like a lot. I have scedule but some days it's just not enough, still and it feels like this should be over by now. It felt more okey to follow my extreme hunger when I was anorectic. Okey so, I just wondering if someone have had experience of this, did it end when you came to your set point? And when did you know you really was there and was sure you did not just eat because you like to eat.

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2 Re: When does extreme hunger end? Will it? on Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:38 pm

I have not experienced exreme hunger but from letsrecover.tumblr.com I know that it WILL pass. Just keep on eating, your body has to repair a lot of damage. It is even possible that you'll overshot our set point but that is just because your body needs the extra energy. At some point the EH will pass and you will maintain your set point by eating after your hunger cues that will probably lead you to between 2500 and 3000/3500 calories. Smile

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