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Recovery Questions

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1 Recovery Questions on Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:40 am

I have a few questions regarding recovery, so I just figured I'd put them all in one post! If you can only answer one question, or if you can do all of them, every answer is appreciated Smile (I've been in recovery almost three weeks now, but unfortunately have only eaten all three meals for one day straight now)

1. I know everyone's body is different, but roughly how long will it take for my metabolism to get back to normal? I've never been underweight, but I don't know if that matters or not.

2. How do I get through the extreme hunger thing? I'm hungry almost all the time, therefore I feel like I'm eating almost 24/7 when I'm at home. I'm trying to listen to my body, but eating so much really triggers me.

3. Is it possible to fully recover without counting calories? I'm trying to break that habit because I don't want the numbers to control me anymore, but how will I know if I'm eating enough if I don't know how many calories I've eaten?

4. How many calories should I be eating? I've had one meeting with a dietitian, and she told me that I need to eat 1400 calories every day, which really makes me think that I should get a new dietitian that knows SOMETHING about eating disorders because I feel like she has no idea.

5. I'm not underweight, and I've never dropped to an unhealthy weight/BMI so all the adults I've talked to say, "Well you don't need to gain weight.." and I feel like no one takes me seriously because I never got as bad as others have. I don't know how to handle this, and I just feel alone because people don't realize how bad I'm actually doing. They see me eating and assume I'm recovering just fine, when in reality, I'm barely holding it all together.

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2 Re: Recovery Questions on Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:42 am


2. Eat. Eat!
3. Yes it is possible, maybe follow a mealplan?
4. This is absolute bull****! 1400cals are enough for A CHILD not for someone who has to gain!! I recommend you to eat at least 2500!
5. No. That's not true. An eating disorder is not connected with being underweight. You can be very ill yet have a 'normal weight'. Screw them. They don't have a clue.

3 Re: Recovery Questions on Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:33 am

1400 calories is less than you would need if you were DIETING! Stop seeing that nutritionist. Really. Eat AT LEAST 2500 calories, don't exercise and eat when you're hungry for more.

It is possible to stop counting calories, but probably not in the beginning. Go on eating and nourishing your body until you have relieable hunger cues that lead you to a non-restrictive amount. Then you can gradually stop counting cals as you can trust your hunger again.

Don't listen to others, they don't have an idea about EDs. It's your recovery and your life. You don't want to go on like this just because others may think you're happy?

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