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quasi recovery help!!

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1quasi recovery help!! Empty quasi recovery help!! on Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:48 pm

Hey guys,
I started MM on december 26th but after a month i got weight restored to the lowest point of healthy BMI. After I reached that I have convinced myself that I can stay at this weight & eat at hunger cues now, but my hunger cues only drive me to about 1200 calories. I know this is so wrong but whenever I do or try to eat more I feel incredibly guilty & get really upset by thinking that I will get really judged if I gain more. I hate the feeling of being full too it makes me purge. I still have starvation symptoms along with no period btw. Any advice to get out of this quasi recovery?? Embarassed

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2quasi recovery help!! Empty Re: quasi recovery help!! on Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:59 pm

Hi there!
Firstly, it is crucial for your health (both mental and physical) that you get back to real recovery as soon as possible. Eating 1200 kcal is WAY to little (I recommend reading FAQ on letsrecover.tumblr.com for the exact reasons if your ED is trying to convince you otherwise).

As for your fear of being judged, ask yourself WHO will judge you. If you cannot think of anyone specific, chances are that NO ONE will. If you can however, ask yourself if you care about those people. If you do, ask yourself if their opinion of you should come before your health and your ability to actually LIVE.
I was in this situation myself, thinking that people would judge me for gaining back the weight I so dearly needed, but honestly no one did, on the contrary they were so happy that I was myself again, laughing, running, caring about what was said and all the other things ED had taken away. That was when I realised that no one gave a horseshit about my weight as long as I was healthy.

Take care!!!

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