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Too late for MM at healthy Bmi? (Tw Numbers mentioned)

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Hey guys (: First of all thank you for listening.
So about myself I have been recovering from anorexia (My doctor diagnosed it when I was at a weight of 108 lbs at a height of 5 ft 7 which I know isn't that underweight but anyway). I have been quasi recovering on my own at firstly about 1600 and then about 2000 calories a day and I am now at a relatively healthy Bmi which I don't want to mention because I don't want to trigger.
However I do suffer from horrible binges and I'm not sure if it's extreme hunger since I'm not feeling hungry but eat it anyway o_o. I also haven't got my period back. But my mom says I need to stop gaining and my doctor thinks 3000 calories is too much especially being at a healthy bmi now. What should I do? Is it too late for MM? I really don't know what to do since my Mom tells me I eat too much and should stop gaining but I don't feel healthy..

thank you guys so much already and I hope I didn't ask a question that was already asked 1000 times or went against the rules :X

greetings Maklina

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First of all: being 108 lb at 5 ft 7 is very underweight! This is so typical among ED sufferers: to underestimate the severity of our own diseases. Please don't fall into that trap. Your illness should be taken seriously! I'm glad your doctor took it seriously and diagnosed you. But one thing your doctor is wrong about is how much you can eat. It's not too late to do MM. You probably will gain when you increase (and probably overshoot) but your weight will stabilize where it should (which is not super infinitely obese). You need this weight gain because as you said yourself: you have not regained your period and yes, it sounds like you have extreme hunger. You say you don't feel healthy, and you're right: you're not healthy. Try explaining to your mother and doctor why MM is a good thing to do. Tell them that the probability of a relapse drops significantly when your body is completely restored. There are plenty of examples of people starting MM at a "healthy" BMI and they have not regretted it (here's one: http://letsrecover.tumblr.com/post/119775909270/if-i-increase-to-3000-i-will-end-up-maintaining-in). 

You seem to know in your heart what's right for you, and if they don't want to listen, then you need to do what's right for you anyways. Good luck sweetheart! You have already come so far in your recovery process: don't let anyone stop you from crossing the finish line! Because you deserve to be happy and free from this terrible disease! <3

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