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Weight Restored (Tw calories mentioned)

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1Weight Restored (Tw calories mentioned) Empty Weight Restored (Tw calories mentioned) on Sat Dec 13, 2014 9:43 pm

A few weeks ago i lost all of my starvation symptoms, I got my period back, I wasn't cold or tired, I didn't ache anymore and my hair didn't fall out. So I decided to stop what I was doing Minnie maud (although I did exercise) and went to eating about 2200 and exercise but now I'm cold, tired and aching again even though I haven't lost weight, Could it be something lacking in my diet rather than actual calories because I struggle to eat enough protein and fat

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2Weight Restored (Tw calories mentioned) Empty Re: Weight Restored (Tw calories mentioned) on Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:01 pm

It's probably because that you haven't reached your set point or properly recovered, just because starvation symptoms go away, doesn't mean your well enough to consider yourself in remission. You shouldn't exercise, I know it's hard but that could stop your muscles healing and slow down your recovery. You should avoid eating too much protein too, you're body doesn't need as much protein as you think and in recovery it needs more fats and carbs. You should continue to do MM. If you struggle to get to 3000 calories, then try more calorie dense foods. 2200 calories isn't enough for someone in recovery sweetie Smile I hope this helps xx

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