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I'm barely hungry since I am at a healthy weight

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I know @mel_recover just asked this but it's quite different in my case. I hope it's okay to ask though ._.
When I started recovery I immediately started to eat 2500 calories a day and soon jumped to 3000. But as soon as I reached a BMI of 18,5 I stopped that bc I thought I could maintain my weight there and no one stopped me bc they all were like "just eat less and you can maintain your weight then" ew how wrong they are! I read much on letsrecover.tumblr.com and decided to start minnie maud again bc I don't want to ruin my body. But since I did this I'm barely hungry Sad Sad my stomach always makes weird noises but I feel real hunger just like once a day Sad did you experience the same? bc when I was underweight I was hungry all the time but now I'm hungry for waaaaay too less :/

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I recommend you to increase your intake again and push your weight up a bit. I was told at the eating disorder clinic that those who gain to a bmi of 20 and above has a way lower risk of a relapse, while those on a bmi on the line between normalweight and underweight has a high risk of relapse.

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Ahh thank you! I jusz increased a few days ago,let's hope it'll get better soon!♡

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