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shall I up my intake again bc of exercising even if I'm not hungry?

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Hey there Smile
so I'm now a BMI of around 20 and started exercising (twice a week) again when I had a BMI of 19. Not to burn calories but because I have been doing this kind of sport for like 6 years and I LOVE it! And now I'm scared that I burn too many calories, I don't want to mess up my mentabolism and get a flabby tummy and stuff.. while I was weight restoring I did not exercise at all (except for going foodshopping..^^) and ate 2500-3000+ calories... and now I try my hardest to reach 2500cals as I'm just not hungry, and I try to eat like a bar of chocolate or a pint of ice cream after i exercised to make up fpr that... but sometimes I'm just so full and i don't want to get sick bc of eating more than my body wants.. that's also a reason why I'm scared to up my calories to 3000 again... but also bc I'm scared that I may gain more than I need to? like I think that if I had done everything right and never stopped eating 3000 cals (I regret that so damn badly) the weight gain would have stopped earlier as if I start eating that much again now :/ pre ed I had a set point of like 21-22 and looked really flabby.... like 2-3 years ago I had a period when I also lost much weight but bc of othe rreasons... and now I ask myself if I still had an overshot bc I gained my weight back on too little calories? (didnt count) bc when I was like 5 I was really small...

sorry for this long and confusing question but I'm scared I will end up obese if I eat 3000 again :/

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Was your weight stable (for at least a month) before you started exercising? I'm thinking you may have started a bit early as your BMI is not that high yet. But I don't know where your body want to be, so it could be OK. If you are weight stable and your mind is healthy, then your hunger should tell you to eat more after exercising. Make sure you don't exercise too late because then you don't have "the time" to get hungry before goibg to bed.
Another thing: after I exercise, I get another type of hunger than other times during the day when my stomach just feels empty. After exercising, I feel empty of energy, not necessarily empty in my stomach. So pay attention to how you feel after working out, as you body may actually be sending you hunger signals.

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No it wasn't, I was still gaining but the doctors allowed me to start doing sports again.. now i'm afraif that I've messes everything up Sad
yeah sometimes I'm really really 'hungry' after exercising and can eat a pint of ice cream but sometimes I struggle to eat two pieces of chocolate ://
Yeah that's a problem, I have practice until 8 and 8.30 so I always come home late :/

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It's probably still fixable if you wait a bit more to continue exercising and going back to recovery amounts. That should not make you get fatter. You may go over your set-point for a short time, but it will go back again Smile Also read this post if you haven't already done so: http://letsrecover.tumblr.com/post/83084180444/when-i-get-a-healthy-bmi-18-5-19-am-i-allowed-to

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