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Not really sure where I am recovery-wise? At bmi 23 but I want to try upping my intake again to fix my metabolism?

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Hi guys! (Sorry for the long post ahead! Embarassed )
I'm new here, but I started recovering from anorexia in 2013 (16-17 at the time).

After i reached bmi 18, I realised I was no where near done (no period, still ravenous), and tried to increase my intake to 3000 (before it was more like 2400 ish).
My period came back, I gained past my pre ed weight (bmi 19 but of course that was when i was 15 so I expect my setpoint to be higher), and things seemed okay.

Unfortunately I had a psychiatrist who was rather disapproving and unhelpful in regards to my desire to try MM, so I guess I always had my doubts throughout the entire time.
Moreover, I didn't fully respond to extreme hunger and after a series of unfortunate unforeseen personal events, my intake dropped to 2200 ish.

My weight, however, kept climbing up to a bmi 25. At that point, I was looking at my first year at university and I think I fell into a bit of a depression. I quite stopped caring about my whole recovery process, stopped counting calories, stopped giving any damns, and I'd say my intake throughout 2014 was roughly 1500-1800 kcal, without exercise.
I slowly lost down to a bmi 22 by the beginning of 2015, without any conscious effort.
My periods are still regular, I dont feel cold (in fact I would often feel hot and flushed- but i think that was probably due to a newfound social anxiety), but I WAS often fatigued with headaches.

I don't think I've properly recovered so I've very recently decided to try upping to 3000kcal again
Unfortunately, I seem to have some strange nausea/lack of appetite, so I've basically relied on small snacks and drinks to reach 3000kcal

I guess I'm still a bit anxious on whether or not i'm doing the right thing bounce
This probably means I'll have to massively overshoot and the idea of dealing with that alongside uni frightens me.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Thank you lovelies xx

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You're doing the right thing Smile You may overshoot, but your health is more important than how people in uni think about you. And actually, most people won't even notice because they really don't care about how others look. But you do still have your period and generally less symptoms of starvation than you've had in the past so maybe you won't have to overshoot that much before your body has repaired itself. I'm not saying you're fine, but there are signs pointing towards your body not being in such a bad shape as last time.

Good luck Smile

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