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Symptoms of an increased Metabolism

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1 Symptoms of an increased Metabolism on Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:24 am

Hey lovely fighters!
I would like to know, how to know if your Metabolism already rised up?!
I am on MM since bit less than one week and my symptoms are:

1. Greatest Energie ever! ...Can't even sleep because I have so much energie, the next days I could sleep 24/7
2. Sweating much more, but not that much that I have to shower 5 times Very Happy
3. Greatest Digestion ever! affraid
4. Laughing much after not doing it since 2 years
5. Better body image
6. Ony food obsessed when in comes to plan my meals for the next day
7. Hungry like a monkey, next time sick as hell
8. Water retetions in my thights, belly and face ( looking like a jiggly whale but don't stress my self with it tooooo much ) - healing?!?!?!

So please is my Metabolism better yet? After just a view days?

Thank you for answering ♥️

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2 Re: Symptoms of an increased Metabolism on Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:08 am


Yes, they are all signs of high metabolism, especially the sweating/rise in body temperature and faster digestion. Awesome! king Make sure that you dont loose weight/stop gaining; some does when they reach this hypermetabolism state in recovery.

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