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Fat intake and Period!

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1 Fat intake and Period! on Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:25 pm

Hey guys!
I read a post about fat intake and getting the beautiful period back!
So how many grams of fat to you think is perfect for that?! My dayli intake is between 50-70 grams (counted it the last 4 days), is it too less?!
I lost my period 3 years ago and increased my fats two weeks ago ( full fat milk,nuts,cream, looooots of chocolate...)...is it to late?!
I would love to have children and it would be so horrible for me if this would not happen Crying or Very sad
So how long does it take if it depends on fat intake ( not only bodyweight ) ?
I am so scared....

Thank you for answering pig

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2 Re: Fat intake and Period! on Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:41 pm

My period was gone for almost 2 years. I started eating enough calories(!), stopped exercising, and increased my fat intake a lot. I did it mainly by using the double amount of a fat source (nuts, seeds, nut butter, avocado, oil, butter, ff cheese, ice cream and other dairy etc…) than I normally would have. This challenged my food fears and also made me get those precious fats. It's hard to say precise amounts or grams per day, but it is safe to say that you can't be getting too much. If I was you, I'd eat a lot more than 50g per day.

I started to crave fats soon after starting my real recovery, I guess the body truly is smart  Wink To sum it up: Eat enough calories with increased percentage of fat calories. Listen to your cravings. Be patient. Rest.

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