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Menstrual pain?! Does my period come back?!

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1 Menstrual pain?! Does my period come back?! on Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:32 pm

hey fighters!
I lost my period 3 yeas ago, now I am 3kg away from an heathy weight and doing minniemaud for nearly 2 weeks.
The last 3-4 weeks I often have typical pain in my lower stomach ( like menstrual pain, but not that strong ) and everytime I'm going to toilet, I hope to got my period ....but didn't yet... Crying or Very sad So is there a chance to get it back soon? Or is it something different?

Thank you for your help!

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Two weeks of MM is a short time if you compare it with the three years your period has been gone. But MM is definitley the right direction to get it back Wink The pain can also be digestion problems which are common in recovery. Just nourish your body, rest and let it heal.

I wouldn't expect your period every day: that only causes disappointment and stress. I would just try to be patient and when your body is able to do it you will get your period back Smile

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