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Boyfriend : Should I go on the pill ?! But didn't got my period back

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Hey fighters!
I haven't got my period back yet, but kind of feel a menstrual cycle.
I have a boyfriend again now and my question is:
What should I do? Should I go on the pill? I mean condoms are safe, but I want to get 10000% sure....
But does the pill operate if I have no period?

Have a nice day beauties!

And thank you for answering

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I guess that without a menstrual cycle you can't get pregnant anyways, so I guess you could use condoms (just to be extra sure) until you get your period back. A period will come about 14 days after an ovulation (which you need to get pregnant) so there is effectively 2 weeks before you get your first period where using a condom would be necessary to avoid getting pregnant. But no one knows when these 2 weeks will be, so use a condom to be sure. When you get your period you can star on birth control pills Smile

Please talk to a doctor about this as well Smile

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3Boyfriend : Should I go on the pill ?! But didn't got my period back Empty Thanks! on Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:42 am

I got my period back 4 days ago! I am so happy...I cried 2 hours Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
So now my question is changing a bit! Can I go on the pill the next month or do I have to wait a bit?
I'll go to the doctor to talk about it in a week, but would like to know opinions from like-minded people here Smile
Thank you fighters!

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Congratulations on getting your period! Be proud of yourself Very Happy Talk with your doctor about this, but I'm thinking that if you keep eating as you should to reach your set-point, then starting on the pill is not a problem.

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