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Nutritions? Fats are fats or not?! - fertility

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1 Nutritions? Fats are fats or not?! - fertility on Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:39 am

Hey girls (and guys) Smile
So i read on "Let's recover", that fats are important for fertility and periods, so my question is:
Is it simmilar either if I eat fats from fries,cream,chocolate,ice cream and other things "unhealthy healthy" stuff, or should I better eat "healthy healthy" fats like olive oil or avocado?! My problem is, I love the unhealthy healthy version, but not really the healthy one... Very Happy Very Happy
So is it ok to eat my lovely chocolate and burgers instead of avocado etc.?
Is there any difference between unsaturated fats and saturated fats?!
I want to push my hormone production the right way, to get my period back etc. Smile

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering Smile

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I'm not sure about this so maybe others could correct me if im wrong, but i think every fats are great. I think its probably easier for some to get fats from 'healthy' stuff such as avocado, salmon, etc. instead of chocolate, ice cream, burgers, etc. But i'm like you hahah.. i'd rather eat chocolate than avocado..! Very Happy

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We all need all the different types of fat (even the saturated ones) so ice cream and chocolate is great food Smile Milk fat has worked quite well for many in recovery when it comes to getting the hormones back on track, so milk chocolate and ice cream is perfect in recovery Smile

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Who does rather eat an avocado then icw cream? Just eat what you are craving for Smile

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As jennysrecovery said, eat what you're craving for. Your body is smart, it craves what you need. I was craving avocado, nuts, butter,... as hell (I was never a big burger fan) and through eating them as much as I wanted to, my cravings stopped. I crave now more balanced food groups, if I need fat, my body craves it, if I need magnesium, I want chocolate... and so on Smile
It won't affect your recovery if you eat fries instead of avocado. Smile

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