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Pushing myself or not?

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1Pushing myself or not? Empty Pushing myself or not? on Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:25 am


I've got a question!
I have just been discharged after being inpatient for a few months! I will continue with outpatient treatment, but first I'll have a month of free time at home!
During my time at the clinic I really looked forward to having my 'normal life' again. I looked forward to study again, dance again, meet people again, go to party's again.
But now I don't feel like going to party's, because it's still difficult foodwise and I don't know what to talk about (clinic life anyone? Razz). I don't feel like studying and still can't concentrate. I'm still soooo tired!
To be honest I rather spend time at home with my family, take some dance classes (not to many, bmi is 17 now), go for walks, meet up for coffee with some friends, play the piano a bit, read blogs, read books and other simple things!
But should I push myself to study and go to party's? I wanted my 'normal life' back, but I certainly don't feel like a 'normal 20 year old'. Will I allways be lazy if I don't push myself to do these kind of things? Will I ever get a 'normal life' back?


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2Pushing myself or not? Empty Re: Pushing myself or not? on Sun Nov 30, 2014 8:52 am

Hei Smile
you say you want your normal  life back, but being anxious about parties and the food there isn't normal... What I want to tell you... you are not healthy yet and so it's normal that you have difficulties with concentration, that you don't want to meet friends etc
but it will get better! You can't force yourself to socialize or study, but you can fight against your eating disorder and step to step you'll get your real life back!
I know it#s hard to endure the process of recovery without certainly knowing wheter you'll get those things, but so many girls said that and I#m sure they are right!
Be patient and keep fightig!  Smile

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3Pushing myself or not? Empty Re: Pushing myself or not? on Sun Nov 30, 2014 5:46 pm

I would recommend you to take one step at a time. Don't force yourself if you dont feel ready. Take care of your health and then once you'll be in a better place you'll start wanting to go to parties, you wont even have to push yourself into anything. Once you're recovered, you'll want things for your life, such as friends, parties, shcool, etc.

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