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*embarrassing* Sexual libido again?! What's happening ?!

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Hello guys!
So a bit different topic today... I am almost weight restored and since 1-2 weeks I think about Sex and boys again and don't know why!
I am a bit confused and feel embarrassed about myself Very Happy I never had these strong thoughts the last 3 years ( during my ED ) and after my boyfriend broke up with me, 2 years ago, I was so happy to can concentratemyself more on my ED, food etc. and I the imagination of having sex or a boyfriend in the next 30000 years was HORRIBLE! But now I am sad, when I see happy couples kissing etc. and started flirting again and careing about my look and clothes ! Shocked Shocked Shocked
WHAT THE HELL?! Laughing Is it a good sign?!

Please help ♥️

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Yes! This is a very good sign! It means that your hormones are back on track and that your body has enough energy to focus on reproduction. I also went through a "puberty" during recovery, thinking about my boyfriend an awful lot more Wink

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You can read more about my experience in the post "my story" in the introduction section. Smile

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That's a really good sign!!! It means your body is finally able to focus on other things than just food and your hormones are working like they are meant to again! That's totally common

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5 THANK YOU!!! on Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:39 pm

Thank you two ♥️
I am soooo happy about that...maybe I gain also my period back soon?! Smile I love recovery

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Yes you most probably will Smile

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