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Constantly ill since "realcovery" ?! What is going on with my body and my immune system?!

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Hey ♥️
Since I am "realcovering" I am ill every two-four weeks! What is happening?!
Two weeks ago I had a bad cold and since yesterday I am struggling with a painful infection of the middle ear Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
When I was in quasi recovery or during restriction I've always been healthy and fit, so what is that?!
Please answer me ♥️
Thanks a lot!

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This may be weird, but: it's a good thing.
While restricting, your body was in a surviving mode. It did everything it could just to keep you alive. No "time" to get ill.
Now, as you're getting better and better, your body finally has the energy to get ill again!
I know how you feel and I know that you're feeling quite crappy right now, but believe me, it IS a good sign! You're healing. I had exactly the same. During restriction I was never ill. I didn't even catch a flu. After being in recovery, I got ill for the first time in ages, and last month, I've caught two colds in a row.
But you can believe me: as you get more energy while recovering, your body will get healthier and healthier again.

Sending lots of love <3

3 Danke on Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:42 pm

Hab gesehen du bist auch Deutsche!
DANKE! Dann bin ich jetzt fast froh krank zu sein!Smile Bin ich dann nicht mehr im "Sparflammemodus"?? Smile

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Genau! Dein Körper kann sich jetzt wieder erlauben, krank zu sein Smile
Wollte nur auf Englisch antworten, damit andere evtl auch mitlesen können Smile

Wuhu! Danke nochmals!!!

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Yep, this "strong immune system" during restriction happens because the body makes an over-production of stress hormones (cortisol) to keep us alive and alert - if mr Stone Age Man was not alert/awake because of cortisol, he would have no fake energy to go hunting food. The same goes for us; it is a very simple way to survive.
However, if the body maintains this stressful condition too long, the system "crashes", and one out of two things will happen:
- Autoimmune disease (the body attacking itself as if it was a stranger)
- Immune suppression (getting very sick all the time)

So yes, finally getting sick is a very good thing. Hang in there!

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