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(Uneven) water retention?! Pain!! HELP

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1(Uneven) water retention?! Pain!! HELP Empty (Uneven) water retention?! Pain!! HELP on Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:19 pm

Since I am on MM ( 1 Week ) my thights became bigger and bigger and really hurt Neutral ( pelvic veins and muscles ) They are not jiggly but kind of hard...
I am not feeling comfortable with it...
First I thought it is Ana who is speaking, but now I know that my right leg is 4cm bigger than my left and also hurts more.
What is that?! Is it water retention?! Why do they hurt so much?! Feels like muscle or vein strain... pale
HELP! It couldn't be fat...not so much visible in one week ..?!

Thank you for helping me...

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