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Lost control

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1Lost control  Empty Lost control on Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:36 pm

I've been weight restored for the past 2-4 months now (recovering from over-exercise/restrict cycle) and tonight i was RAVENOUS so i had a huge bowl of cereal after a huge plate of dinner and i was still hungry so i ate some ice cream and i felt like i couldn't stop eating, momentarily i felt like i wasn't going to stop. I ate about half a 2 litre tub and i'm finding the guilt almost unbearable i cant cope & i'm fighting so hard to resist the urges to restrict tomorrow Sad i don't know how to cope with the feelings, i already feel like i'll gain so much weight because i ate so much these past few days, and my friend and i are getting a donut tomorrow and i just can't let him down because i promised him and i just cant cope right now :'( but i dont want to overexercise as its so late :'( please help me

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2Lost control  Empty Re: Lost control on Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:27 pm

If your body wants it, you need it! Maybe your getting your period within the next few days or your body just repaired some left damage.. if you gain bc of that then it's because your body wants you to gain more and you have to accept that to be able to fully recover. If this is already your set point you won't gain a bit Smile idk if this is helpful but yup xx

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3Lost control  Empty Re: Lost control on Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:50 pm

It's not like one or a few incidents of eating alot will make your weight increase  Smile Just relax and think that your body probably needed it for some reason. Maybe you have eaten a bit too little during the past few days or you have been more stressed or something. Or maybe your body just wanted it and needed it without any noticeable reason  Smile Be good to yourself and enjoy your donut with your friend tomorrow  Razz

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4Lost control  Empty Re: Lost control on Thu Nov 06, 2014 6:13 pm

Extreme hunger is SO NORMAL in recovery. It is not overeating or bingeing for you to eat like this. I also have struggled the past year mostly with restriction, orthorexia and over exercise and when I started eating my minimum Minnie Maud guidelines, I realized how much my body needed all the energy I had taken away from it. So I ate. I might have had a generous normal meal and then tub of ice cream, sh*t loads of candy and yoghurt covered nuts, 4 bread buns, 5 apples, and endless spoonfuls of peanut butter and still be craving for some more food.

Extreme hunger is your body taking control, not loosing it. Enjoy some donut(s) with your friend and do not feel guilty or disgusted <3 You need it so bad and it only helps you recover and live a full life.

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