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Recovery and jobs

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1 Recovery and jobs on Thu Nov 06, 2014 3:43 am

So, I've been in recovery for about two months, and have already gained a great deal of weight. I started recovery very underweight, and, contrary to my belief, I still am. I have been working while beeing sick, but also while in recovery. My job is a quiet one, no heavy lifting or running around. Besides, I mostly work four hours shift. Anyway, Christmas is around the corner, which also means more work. Longer days, at least seven hours, six days a week. I really hope I get the least exhausting tasks, so that I won't use more energy than necessary. My question is; have any of you guys balanced recovery and work? I'm used to the working part, it is the recovering part that's new. I feel like I need to bring a suitcase full of food, and I will most likely feel like an idiot, having to take breaks all the time, so that I can eat.


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2 Re: Recovery and jobs on Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:47 am

I cant really relate as im in school but honestly i live in singapore and school here is from 7.10 a.m to around 6 pm on some days so i understand on the long hours part.What i do is take easy to eat food that i can eat inbetween classes like bars or fruit.I also tend to eat nuts and stuff so i can stay fuller longer.Honestly nobody says anything really because everyone is snacking around and being hungry is totally normal:)Sorry if i didnt help!

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3 Re: Recovery and jobs on Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:44 am

I'm in exactly the same situation! I'm working as a PhD student, doing quite flexible hours, but it's still quite exhausting sometimes (mostly brain-wise, not body-wise). I tend to eat somewhat more (100-200 kcal) when working longer days as I get more hungry. My supervisor knows about my situation so she's fine with me coming in a bit later so I can eat my first meal of the day in peace and quiet (trying to set the standard for the rest of the day by having a good experience with food).

maple wrote:I feel like I need to bring a suitcase full of food, and I will most likely feel like an idiot, having to take breaks all the time, so that I can eat.

This I can TOTALLY relate to (actually laughing when I red your post as it was so familiar to me rabbit). I bring at least three boxes of different snacks, one lunch pack plus some extras if I would need more. And sometimes I get comments making me think that I eat too much, but I know they're wrong because they don't know how much they're eating themselves. I tend to bring less calorie dense foods than them (no butter or calorific drinks), making them believe that I eat more, when I'm actually not. But I'm trying to shake my fears of more calorie dense foods and I'm making progress and I'm trying not to be affected by peoples low knowledge on food.

But my point is, be open about your effort to recover and I'm sure that your boss will understand and help you by making your tasks less exhausting. And eat more when you are working harder or longer.

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