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Random weight gain!

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1Random weight gain! Empty Random weight gain! on Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:14 am

Hello my lovely sisters ( and brothers ) !


I started my recovery in 2012 with waaay too less calories ( 1200 ) in increased it to 1350.
Nothing happened and I even wasn't really ready for any recovery, but you have to know it was a huuuuge step to go to 1350 from my far away than 1000 calorie goal the year before.
So nothing happened, but suddently in winter I randomly gained 2 kg and did no why! I totally freaked out and restricted again a bit to maintain.
In summer i increased again because I maintained for a long time and nothing happened again...until winter.
I did not exercise in both , winter and summer , so this wasn't the reason. I gained another 2kg until Summer and then it was over!
So I had enough and decided to do less than minniemaud, but much more than before for 4 weeks ( around 2500 ), so I gained 5 kg while feeling energic and good. But then I decided to take a gain break because i couldn't handle more...so I went back to around 1700 and maintained...but suddently the weight gain started again with the cold weather. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!
I am now on minniemaud (2800-3000) and ready to gain to normal weight and setpoint ( never was over a BMI of 19 without restricting and my ED begann wenn I was already 18 so please don't say it's to less Very Happy Everybody has is own SP )
Please tell me what this was?! I think many here experienced such a thing!

Thank you guys keep fighting Smile

Anna ♥️

P.s. To the girls of "let's recover" ! Without you I would have never started MM! THANK YOU♥️ I love you alle cyclops

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2Random weight gain! Empty Re: Random weight gain! on Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:15 am


How great! :* It is perfectly normal that your weight gain goes a bit up and down in recovery. I think this illustrates it;

Random weight gain! Tumblr_inline_neb0kdeCsY1scunzc

Keep on eating at least 2800 to 3000 calories in recovery, no exercise, and the weight gain will become more steady with time Very Happy

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