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No absence of period

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1 No absence of period on Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:11 am

There's a lot of talk about how many of you are using the absence of periods as a sign to start recovery, but as most girls (at least in Norway) are actually on the pill, this could be very misleading. Not only in the sense that you may still have it, but for me is was actually opposite. Let me explain. I have been skipping my periods for years by just continuing to the next pill set every month (not having a pill free week). This has worked fine for me, right until I got too underweight. At this point, my periods started coming every 2-3 weeks while still on the pill. I would think that these bleedings were not actual periods, but rather the intermediate type, but my point is that this made me think I was healthy. Which was totally wrong. My doctor told me that this was likely to occur since periods are coming when there is a decrease in hormone levels, but as I was giving my body a small dose by taking the pill every day, my body got confused and thought that I was taking a pill free week quite often. So please, don't take your periods as a sign of anything. What made me realize that my hormones were not right was that I experienced a lot of menopause symptoms such a dry skin, lack of libido, urge to go to the toilet all the time, irritability etc.

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2 Re: No absence of period on Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:11 am


Some have perfectly regular periods when they are on their deathbed of anorexia, severely underweight and undernourished. Some loose their period at bmi 25 on 1800 calories. We are all different.

When a girl with an eating disorder is on birth control pills, the period will come no matter what, but it is a fake period. Sometimes it might be a bit irregular and weird, but birth control pills = period.

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3 Re: No absence of period on Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:47 am

Yes, we're all different Smile I really thought I was not sick since I sort of bled "more" when being underweight since I could not skip my periods anymore by continuing to take the pills.
One other menopause symptom I've also experienced alot is hot flashes. It's quite funny actually to joke around with the fact that I'm like a 50 year old woman at the moment lol!

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4 Re: No absence of period on Thu Nov 06, 2014 7:31 am

TW TW And once again I am sorry if I sound rude/triggering but I am really nervous about when I will get my peorid. I'm 14 and have never got it but I've had anorexia for 2 years and my doctors think that I will get it if I gain weight. I am just so so scared about what BMi my period will come and what weight it will come. Sorry but I just have a lot of number/weight issues and I'm so scared....My doctors haven't even told me my GW yet :/ Are their any ways (not including the pill) that you can get your peorid sooner? Thankyou xxx

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5 Re: No absence of period on Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:47 am

Everybody's differnet and the fact that you have never had it make it pretty impossible to tell when you'll get your period. :/ the only way to get it is to keep on eating enough (2500-3000 calories a day) until you have found your set point weight.. some still get their periods for the first time after months maintaining their set point. The girls on letsrecover.tumblr.com also always suggest to eat full fat dairy products Smile

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6 Re: No absence of period on Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:11 pm

Ok thank you! I eat a lot of ff dairy and have avo and salmon so I'm sure that'll help

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