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Gastritis and ED

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1Gastritis and ED Empty Gastritis and ED on Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:17 pm

During my childhood I've always been in a normal weight range, but I've always been called a little chubby, since I really LOVED food and enjoyed it. When I was a teenager, I grew and maintained a rather slim physique until the age of 16 when I started drinking alcohol a lot at parties and when going out with friends (I'm european so this was legal ;P) and gained some weight. I just wanted this to stop and to look like some of my thin friends. I started comparing with others and developed a very bad body image. I started running A LOT and barely eating. this went on for about a year. As my body was sick of this I started binging/purging for about two months, then restricting again and exercising a lot. I deprived myself from the food I loves, everything was forbidden and I thought I never deserved so called "treats" or "cheat days". I started weight training and went vegan for a while as everybody told me "This was the solution for long lasting weight loss". So, november last year I started a new way of restricting by eating extremely little portions three times a day. I told everybody, including myself, that I was satisfied that fast. My mind kind of convinced my body that this was right so this went on till february this year, when I developed gastritis.
sorry for the long text, but this is the point where my question starts. I'm trying to recover by eating 3000+ kcal and I really feel that my body needs that much to heal, but the problem is with the gastritis diet (very little fat, sugar, no spices, small portion sizes,..) my doctor recommended me it's really hard to increase my calories. So do you have any tips, experiences with this kind of problem? Also my symptoms are stomach pain and nausea after eating, so how can I tell its because of my body recovering or my gastritis (its diagnosed)
thanks xx

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