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Is gaining weight that difficult?

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1 Is gaining weight that difficult? on Wed Mar 18, 2015 10:43 pm

Hi there, im fighting with anorexia since more than a year by now, but I started realcovery since some weeks. I've starting eating long ago, but now I just feel better and don't count calories either. Food doesn't make me nervous anymore, im able to eat whatever is on my home or anywhere. Also I ate A LOT lately because I had a vacation trip to disney with the deluxe dining plan, just imagine: unlimited and awesome food. (I didn't restrict at any moment!! and don't regret it)
The thing is I arrived home two days ago so happy of my progress and i weigh myself just to check, and I didn't gained. I lost weight and im so frustrated. I just really can't eat anymore, my stomach just doesn't let me. What do you guys think is happening? why im not gaining? and how can I do to manage the amount of food? thank you Smile

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