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UTREIA ( to be continued...)

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1UTREIA ( to be continued...) Empty UTREIA ( to be continued...) on Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:11 am

Hello Susann,

How was your week end?

For my part, week end has been unproductive, mean taht I haven't done anything.
Saturday, I have been spleeping the whole day, to such an extend that i had to set the clock alarm to make sure that I Wake up for eating...Otherwise i would have easly skipped them.

The croissants: Did it. I ate one mini croissant at each snack and it was not a big deal as I thought it would be.

Since friday Im am at 1900 cal, and I have to say that i never though I would one day reach this figure.
I have been living, these 15 past years, out of min 1200 cal, but with B/P ├ępisodes (and sometimes it would be 2x day/ everyday)...now when i think about it it sounds horrendous.

Now that B/P thoughts, urges and surges are gone, i can breath and concentrate on something else than looking at the clock ....when it would be time to go home to be able to fullfill my purging nightly ritual.

Weekly (week 6) weight gain : NIL (despite the increase)...BMI is still very very low
Week 1 was: -200
Week 2 was: +500
Week 3 was: +200
Week 4 was:+1.4
Week 5 was: +900

Strangely it is at the same time reassuring and frustating

Reassuring: I was afraid of gaining a LOT of weight in a very short time but i did not


Frustating: I have made a LOT of efforts to increase my intake, had to put up with refeeding syndrome and all the pain that goes with (and still have them), had to put up with ED voices, had to put up with the first weight gain, had to put up with so much stressful things and thoughts at the same time.

The "massive" weight gain the two last week were probably due to refeeding syndrome that maybe settle a bit in week 6......
Will have to have an eye on it.

this morning on the radio I heard that one of our MP will file two amendments, to our Ministry of health, to her health bill in order to ban the use of malnourished mannequins and anorexia apology.
Offenders will have to face 6 month jail or 75 000 euros fine.

Model agency will have to prove (medical certificate) that their models have a > "to be yet determined" BMI (french minimum is 18.5).... cheers

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