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nutritional drinks : pros and cons ? Real food VS nutritinal drinks ?

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It's so great that you seem to be expanding what kind of food you eat Smile 

I used to cook everyday when I was restricting. I couldn't stop thinking about food, so I would spend extremely long time making food because it made me feel less hungry, but I didn't eat much of it. I know, it sounds crazy  scratch rabbit Now, I still make food, but it actually surprises me that I'm not that into it anymore Smile I thought I was genuinely very interested in cooking, but in fact I was just starving Razz I still try to make nice food though, and my favorite dish has to be pizza Razz Right now at least, as it changes all the time! I also enjoy pastry, bread, chocolate, all kinds of cheese, pasta and a whole lot more Smile I don't like raisins in my muesli either, only as snack Smile

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weird this "i don't like raisin in my muesli" ! no? scratch
when i buy muesli i take time to have all the raisins out, put them in a jar to have them as snack at the office ....sounds crazy Wink

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I do that too Razz cheers bounce sunny

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After all...we are not so nuts ! Wink

Leaving office early tonight:
1) drugstore to get my nutritional drinks
2) see at the supermarked if i find something interesting to eat
3) back home
4) diner
5) TV
6 ) bed!

and week-end in pyjamas (weather will be so-so, blast of march !)

Reefing symdromes are such a pain, nuisance ! Eager to be done with it!! Mad
gee ... mid day snack never hungry when time to have them....
still sweeling just after each meal (probably the additionnal salt, as i have more than usual)

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Sounds like a good plan Smile Keep fighting and have a nice weekend Smile

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what have you planned for your week-end?

You to !! Keep on done your marvelous fighting job !

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I'm visiting my parents Smile Hope you are doing something fun as well!

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to be continued Under teh new post "ultreia(to be continued...)

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Or maybe we should start sending private messages? Smile

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