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nutritional drinks : pros and cons ? Real food VS nutritinal drinks ?

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Something is bothering me: yes or no ?

Should we prefer real food and not rely on nutritional drinks event if we have to face digestive uncomfort (bloating, nausea and ....) or have easy calories by nutritional drinks?

I know that caloric drinks are quite a challenge for me to have them and I have the tendency to rely on it as remplacement of a meal item instead of additionnal to meal items.

I am not very pro for this type of help but if I really have to go for it....well i will have a new try


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I think nutritional drinks can be great, especially in the beginning of recovery as your hunger cues are all twisted. Of course, you can't live on them forever, but they can give you an easier start. When your body gets more and more nourished you may feel that you need them less and less.

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I have started to include into my daily meals nutritional drinks (yes I went to the doctor, thing very challenging for me)

I got prescribed 4 caloric "CLINUTREN" brand drinks
2 Clinutren (resource) Repair drinks 250 calories each (special for those with cicatrization issues)
2 clinutren (resource) desert to eat (300 calories each pudding)

Pfffuit !!! I makes me seat to eat all thoses calories...I drank one and ate one pudding yesterday....and it is still weighting on my stomac.
I woke up this morning without any hungry, I had to force myself to eat...my stomac is kind of full, blocked, i feel a bit nauseus...really not hungry at all , i just can eat.

I have not been able to take my usual snacks, luch has been hard as I was not hungry.

I do not understand what is happening and I am not sur if I will be able to take my 4 calorics drinks

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Ask your doctor if therefore are other choices for you that won't make you as full. Maybe you can also try making your own smoothies (adding 2 tablespoonfuls of oil for some extra calories). Chocolate, extra sauce on your meals, nuts etc are also good as they don't fill you up as much. Either way, you can't stop trying. You need these calories and it will only feel easier the more you try. Most people in recovery will also experience extreme hunger at some point which will make it easier for you to reach the minimums. Stay strong, sweetie! You are worth feeling good again <3

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mybe I should give those drinks a try before going to the doctor since I just started yesterday.
Maybe I just have to go through for a few day just to get used to it and used to the fact taht I am have twice much more calories per day.
All those drinks / pudding are lactose and gluten free ....
maybe the problem is just me


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I know many experience this in the beginning, but they get through it if they just push through. I was lucky and got extreme hunger right away. You will most probably get to that point too if you just stay strong for a little while. An extra tip is to drink/eat smaller portions very often. Smile

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I did not go coold feets yesterday after the bad experience of hunger suppression.
I did not change anything to my habits and took before bed my nutritional pudding.
Texture is not very appealing : very gely, anormaly pink with a chemical aftertaste, dense and sticky to the spoon.
But what it is a medicine and it is not aimed to be good to the buds

Woke up this morning with my apetite back.

So I will continue with this brand and see. It was just, maybe, the first "kiss cool" effect of the first time and that i was not used to have so much calories at the time.

dis you took nutritionnal dring during your recovery process? How long did it took you to recover ? How fast did targeted the +2500 cal /day ? Where you very low weighted (I am actually very low)?

Thanks you for your support Susan...are you the only one answering ont the forum?

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I'm so happy you had a positive experience Smile You are right about food being your medicine right now, so keep eating even though it doesn't always feel nice. But of course, if you think a smoothie would feel better, then you can try that as well. Take one banana, a couple of handfuls of berries, some juice and 2 tablespoons of neutral oil and voila, you have a nice smoothie! Banana+ice cream+ milk is also fabulous as a milkshake Smile I made myself smoothies and milkshakes like these during recovery as they are both nutritious and tasty!

Almost 5 months have passed since I started MM now. I'm not completely recovered yet, but I'm getting there. My starvation symptoms are almost gone and my weight is close to stabilizing. I went from under 1000 kcal per day to 2500 + in only three days as extreme hunger kicked in from the very beginning. I would not recommend such a rapid increase because it might trigger refeeding syndrome, but it luckily didn't happen for me. The recommendation is that you increase 200-300 kcal every 2-3 days until you reach 2000 kcal per day. Then go straight to the minimum (2500, 3000 or 3500 depending on your age height and gender).

This forum is not very active, but I can't help myself from checking if anyone has asked a question every other day. It's not my job to answer the questions, but since so few others answer I feel that I have to do it because I know how hard it is to have a thousand questions and no answers. If you want to join a more active group, then check out this link: http://letsrecover.tumblr.com/post/84927661790/do-you-guys-have-a-facebook-group

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By the way, I do not want to answer specific questions about BMIs because it's very triggering for me. I was very underweight and now I'm not anymore. Please consider removing specific numbers from your post as well. 

But I can tell you this: I'm not anywhere near being "fat" or "big" after being in recovery. This is not something you need to be scared of either Smile What you do need to be afraid of is continuing to live with an ED, as you are at a dangerously - I REPEAT, DANGEROUSLY, low weight.

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Message amended no more numbers !

Susan, it is so supporting from you to answer if it is not your job to do so...you are right it is so painful to have so much questions and no answer sometimes.

I am also starting from less than 1000 calories/days and this week I am just hitting the 1200 calories/days and have to increase 100/200 per week (not to say how anxious it makes me)

But from under 1000 kcal per day to 2500 + in only three days !! It must have been hard to digest, very uncomfortable ?
My hunger is very variable days after days...but I never have the extreme hunger feeling (just more or less appetite...and more often no appetite just as if i was just pilling up meals without digesting them at all ...up to the throat until i am sick and then the disaster: i just throw up as i am so sick)

will see how long it will take me to recover and if I will have the power not to go cold feets and give up as i so often did.
This is my last chance ..;my weight has NEVER been so dangerously low
this is why I have to share, to talk about all my issues

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You should be so proud of yourself for finally choosing to battle this disease! I'm pleased to see that you have a plan for increasing. But the increase is quite slow and you should consider doing it a bit faster (with support from a doctor of course) because that may actually be easier on you as your digestion speeds up faster. Avoid foods that are hard to digest - only eat energy dense food (more calories on less volume) such as chocolate, nuts, fast food, and calorific drinks. Stay away from fruits and vegetables (except bananas and avocado), as your body needs to work so much harder to digest them. I'm not saying you should eat only candy and junk food for the rest of your life (you won't even want to when you are recovered) but right now, it's actually the best you can do Smile

Yes, I know I increased very fast, but it wasn't hard for me as extreme hunger came. It was actually hard to stop eating. I was always hungry and those days of increasing were the hardest actually because I couldn't follow the hunger as my body wanted. That's why it went so fast. 

It's a really good sign that you feel hungry sometimes! I means that your body is actually recognizing that food is coming in! It means that your metabolism has been awakened (not to its maximum of course, but it's not completely asleep anymore) and that is a very good sign! 

Recovery can take a long time, but every day is not terrible and hard. Many days in recovery can also be wonderful as you experience how it is to live again Smile Look forward to spending time with family and friends without having food on you mind and being able to laugh again so hard that you can't breathe! There's more to life that being ill and you deserve better! <3

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I follow this instagram account (stay away from quasirecovery instagrams, but this one is nice): Fenjafindsfreedom, and she recently posted this poem which has helped me so much: 

Sometimes I wake up in the morning 
And I lay in bed,
Eyes still closed,
Tracing the shape of my body,
The way my hips curve
And my belly protrudes
And the way my ribs and spine
Are almost impossible to feel
And I do often wish 
I was a whole lot thinner.

But I was a whole lot thinner
And if I'm honest to myself
I would never want to be
That person again.
You are not only less of a body
You are also less of a person.
And I hurt my family 
And made them worry so much
and I was a terrible friend,
So consumed by self-hatred 
That I ignored everybody else
And I've watched injustice
Without doing anything
Because i didn't cry for a year 
And didn't care about the world
I lived in.
I only cared about myself.

And today I may not be thin
Or even close to tiny
But when I grew several sizes
My heart did as well 
And when my hands warmed up again
My soul did as well
and as I became softer
My heart did as well
And today I sometimes hurt so much 
That I think I will burst 
But I also laugh so much
That my head and heart hurt
And I love without limits 
And I can finally see more 
Than just staring at myself in the mirror.

I'm more of a person now.


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Unfortunately for me I do not have any family (they gave up and do not want to talk or hear about is for ever) nor friend support (I do not have any friends...yes this is 100% true, I have a very poor social life: my life is just work, anorexia and me)

To be honest a meal without fruit or vegetable is quasi impossible...I just feel miserable miserable miserable...I just put a little bit of fruits (maybe just 1/4 fruit and veggies haft a serving just for the picture)

Fast food is just impossible it would trigger purging, so I stay away same for chocolate (not to say taht I just do not like chocolate and never liked chocolate)
I just concentrate on nuts, PB, (sometimes I give a try to oïl such as nut or avocado or flaxseed or olive oïl) & nutritional drinks.

For the moment I am more often "no hungry" ...no hunger cues...just a little bit of appetite (i means just the will to eat vs "I just can eat")

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Isn't it frightening to have so hungry?
Personnaly, I am afraid to experience such hungry cues one day. I would not know how to deal with it !

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Dealing with an ED is hard for both family and friends. It's a human reaction to get angry and upset, but I think it's wrong for them to give up on you. But still, it's you that have to do the work to get well. And when they see that you do, then I can't imagine they would not be there to support you. If they see you trying, then they may change their minds. 

But even if that would not happen, recovery will give you a new change to start new relationship that you will definetly never have if you keep staying sick. Therefore, recovery is the only way. No matter what happens, you will get happier when you are recovered - with or without your family.

I can understand that you love fruit and vegetables, but try to not base too much of your diet on them. You can of course have a little of them, but know that the more you eat of them, the harder your stomach will have to work.

Fast food is a big fear for most people with an ED, so I understand your struggles. But it's very good that you manage to eat PB, nuts and oil Smile 

It can be frightening to get extreme hunger, but the only way to deal with it is to eat. Imagine it as your body craving medicine! Try to distract yourself when eating bigger amounts seems scary - for example watch TV, read a book or listen to music that you love while eating. Maybe even go for a walk outside (in the beautiful nature where you can be alone and enjoy the calmness) while eating a sandwich or a smoothie.

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I have tried to talk about it, but they just say "we do not want to speak about it again. We gave up. Do whatever you want" - that's it.

Yes Fruits and veggies are rare it is just for the touch of color but not the main part of the meal (hard to cope with as I am more vegan that vegetarian - I have never been anything else than vegetarian since childhood is is not an anorexia thing related)

what is frightening regarding extreme hunger is that I do not stop eating and that I end up by purging ( as I usually do when I consider I ate too much - But i stopped purging and not allowing myself to purge just drives me crazy)

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Family issues can be hard to cope with in such a situation, but I hope you still choose to recover for YOU. Your recovery is completely up to you! Maybe they want to help you more when they see that you actually can get better by yourself.

I understand that veganism may not be part of your ED, but you may considering eating meat and fish during recovery as there are lots of nutrients in them that you need. But of course, it's up to you.

If extreme hunger leads to purging, then try increasing all your meals by 100-200 kcal so you generally eat more but still don't trigger purging by eating very much "extra" on one go.

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Binged/Purged on saturday, i still feel so ashamed of myself even if its done and that I can't not go backwards.....

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Don't dwell on the past - like you said, there's nothing you can do about it. Focus on what you need to do TODAY and give yourself some credit for managing to do something good Smile I believe that you can do this, and you have to believe that too!

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Something good ....?
Like, (I hate to say it...)...it is my birthday today...?

saying this makes me feel more shity.....seeing time passing and me having missed and missing so much things....!!!

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Happy birthday then Very Happy Make this one a bit better than last year, because you deserve more <3 Don't think about the past because you have many more birthdays that can be better Smile

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Very Happy

Many thanks !

My nutritionnal puddings and drinks have become a ritual ...with still a little hint of stress....

It is strange but i have noticed that EACH monday I am systematically hungryless not to say hungry suppressed...bloated, nauseus and so....

I have to get by blood test results tomorrow evening...Doc asked for additionnal tests as he noticed Hypothyroïdie (probably explanation why I am always freezed event in summer by 40°C) and < normal sodium range....we is looking why.
And I have a little bit too much sugar in blood...

How ironical: to much sugar and not enough salt...usually it is the opposit with anorexia: to much salt and not enough sugar.....

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But I hear about many where the sugar is high because the body is eating itself. Low salt is also very common for anorexics. The only solution is to eat Smile

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usually my blood sugar is low...but there it increased....!
Salt also...sudden loss of salt...and a loss of a lot of salt

Doc and endocrinologist told it was not ED related...

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I know the blood gets weird when we are ill. But it doesn't have to be ED related, so it's good that you get it checked out by a doctor Smile

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