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weight restored but struggling with bloating + bad skin

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i've been weight restored for a while now, currently at BMI 20. the thing is that i still suffer from bloating and bad skin. my stomach acts so weird all the time, and I feel like I have to live alone for the rest of my life. it's just not working, and it usually gets worse through the day. after eating it blows up like i'm 5 months pregnant, and I feel gassy and uncomfortable. my skin is also very dry (I live in a nordic climate), and I have some acne from time to time. the acne is not really bad, but I get some red spots from time to time, which I have never had before. does anyone here have any experience with this? what should I do? will it get better by itself?

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Firstly, are all all symptoms of starvation gone? Because if they're not, then it might be you're not completely weight restored. Secondly, bloating and stomach troubles can also be due to stress, and battling this disease is most stressful! Exercising will also stress your body, especially if you're not weight restored.

Acne just means that you have hormones flowing in your body, which is a good sign! It won't last forever though, it fades when you get older Smile

Your problems can of course be due to other things as well (I also get dry skin during winter i Norway), but either way, restriction will not solve them. The only thing you can do is to keep eating as you should and take care of yourself. You can also go see a doctor if the problems are affecting your life very badly.

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