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This is a trigger-free recovery help forum for those recovering from restrictive eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, binge-restrict, overexercise or ednos.

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I don't want to fall in orthorexia, please help!

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I'm 9 months in recovery from anorexia, and I am almost weight resotred (1,5 kilo to be in the minimmum healthy bmi). But since maby 3 weeks or more I'm starting to avoid some types of food for example for breakfast or so... For example I used to eat for breakfast sweet pastries or cookies now I always eat oatmeal and sometimes toast because I think these pastries are not good for breakfast and I'm like afraid... I used to have sweets for nightsnack like chocolate or pastries, cereals and so one and now is so so so difficult for me to eat these type of food for nightsnack I always think the unhealthy food will make me fat... And now I'm starting to eat these healthy bars for snack and each day is more difficult for me to eat some reals sweets for snack (like I always ate). What can I do? I really don't want to become orthorexic...

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Eat sweets. Have your cookies. Treat yourself to a pastry. You have to conquer your fears in order to become healthy.
If it get's tough, just remember: what is more unhealthy? Dying from an eating disorder or eating that damn cookie?
Society wants to teach us that we're bad if we eat xyz. But that's simply not true. Don't listen to these voices.

One thing I've learned during recovery is that we need to challenge ourselves a little bit everyday to become completely healthy. We need to stay focused so that our EDs won't sneak up on us when we're not paying attention. I know it's hard, but if it wasn't hard, then it wouldn't be worth fighting for either Smile

Stay strong and eat a cookie every day!

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