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Should I gain more?

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1 Should I gain more? on Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:02 pm

I'm in recovery since 9 months now, and I'm almost weight restored, (I only need 2 kilos to be in 18,5 bmi). But my mum said me I shouldn't gain anymore, that I'm ok at this way! So now I'm maintaining this weight since 1 month eating 2250-2300 calories. The thing is that I can't eat intuivlity because follow my hunger cuest makes me eat only 1800-1900 calories so I always have to make sure I'm eating enough. My period is not back and I'm still always cold... I don't know what to do, as nobody support me to gain more or something like that Sad And I also don't know what is my set point because I started to loose weight when I was overweight (because of binge eating) but before this binge eating I was really thin but I was only 7 years old so I don't know... What should I do?

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2 Re: Should I gain more? on Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:11 pm

In short: YES.

From what you describe, you are still experiencing starvation symptoms, and you are also underweight. Your body is still sick, your hunger cues are still WAY of and you're always cold. So yes, yes you should gain more weight. As for your mother, I understand that this can be very triggering, but you have to ask yourself whether you want to be healthy, or if you want to stay sick just because someone says that you look "ok". It is very probable that you look better than you did at your lowest, but that does not equal good.
Idk if this helps you, but when I was at my lowest, I was told that I looked good, by a person that I normally rely on to give good advice (kinda like a mother-figure). However when I gained weight and became weight restored, it did in no way make her think less of me, she actually was SO happy that I was healthy again and eating like I should. Family is great, family can be a fantastic resource, but sometimes, they are plain wrong.

Stay strong, You can do it!

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