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HELP! My body is going crazy! Where is my setpoint, what is my body doing?!

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Hey everyone!
I developed an eating disorder in the age of 18.
While I was 12-14 I was 5kg underweight, so my doctors said I have to eat more. ( I did'nt eat breakfast or dinner, only lunch and many sweets ! But was mentaly healthy, only not the biggest eater )
I did it and ended up at a BMI of 21( in two years ) , didn't(!!) eat less and lost to a BMI of 18-19 over one year.
People said I look beautiful and so I thought I have to loose more, to look even more beautiful.
So I ate less and less and less, until I was near to dead.
I recovered in "quasi recovery" for a while, but started MM ( and still doing...) at a BMI of 15.
Now I hit the healthy weight and since this range, my body is going crazy!
I am 21 now.
I am sweating like crazy, but I feel normal, not hot or cold. I am wet like a fish! All day!
And suddently I am smelling bad, because of my sweat.
Before my ED, I was able to sweat and was healthy, but never smelled bad! And I was already an adult human!
Now, I can stink...
And two other things are creepy...when I was 13 my doctor said my wisdom tooth will come at the age of 15-16, but never did.
Two weeks ago I had bad pain in my mouth... => My wisdom tooth are coming...I am 21...I should be fully developed!
And the last thing:
During my recovery, i always thought about food....now about Sex! There isn't anything other in my brain anymore...it's embarrassing! I still haven't got my period back, but it seems that , since my healthy weight, my hormones are going crazy!

Can someone help me please?!?! pale pale pale pale

Sorry for language mistakes, but I am not a native speaker!

Thank you

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You might think I'm crazy but I'm telling you something: all these things you're experiencing are AMAZING. Your body is finally healing! You're sweating, your metabolism speeds up again, your wisdom tooths are coming (your body didn't have the energy before), and you finally care about other things than food! Hey, and there are worse things to think about I guess Wink
Look here and here concerning sweating, and here is the proof that having an ED causes a low libido -> recovery makes it come back.

Keep on going, you're doing great!

3HELP! My body is going crazy! Where is my setpoint, what is my body doing?! Empty THANK YOU!!! on Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:14 pm

THANK YOU!!!!bounce Laughing ! That would be amazing! Do you think my period is coming back soon? My biggest wish is to have little copies of myself Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

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Your period will come back as soon as you're body feels ready. No one can say when it'll happen, you just have to keep on eating and relaxing Smile Look here for more advice.

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