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Worried my sister might be getting an eating disorder??

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I've had an eating disorder for about a year, and two months ago I made the decision to begin recovery.
I told my family towards the beginning of my recovery although now, they act like nothing had ever happened, even though I am still very much struggling.
But now I'm starting to get worried about my little (14-year-old) sister. I feel like she may be starting to restrict her food intake- not tremendously, but enough for me to notice.
She hasn't lost weight (at least that I can tell. She still wears the same clothes as before, and they seem to fit her the same), and she's already a perfect size, but she's a dancer, so I'm scared that she thinks she needs to be as small as possible to be better. She went on a little "diet" a month ago, trying to eat less sugar, but she said it was just because she wanted to be healthier for dance. She kind of gave it up after a couple of weeks, but she has begun to eat a little less than she used to. I don't know how to explain it, but she seems to be acting different around meals and snacks.
I'm terrified, because eating just a little less than normal was how my ed started, and before I knew it, it spiraled out of control. I'm worried that she's copying what I did when I was pretty sick.
Is it possible that I'm just being paranoid? Or could she be mimicking me because of how much weight I lost?
What do I do?

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Hi Smile

I hope your sister is ok!! Smile

If i were in your situation, (and i can relate to your situation because i once thought somebody else in my family was developing an eating disorder because i became aware that her eating patterns were slightly different) i would definitely tell an adult straight away if you genuinely believe she is showing signs of an eating disorder. Even if she doesn't have an eating disorder and she is just going on a short-term diet (remembering that most teenagers do go on diets at some point in their teenage years!!) it is still a good idea to make an adult aware of the situation (maybe your parents or carers??) so that they can monitor the person rather than you worrying about it.

I found it very draining and tiring worrying about whether the person in my family had an eating disorder, and it wore me down so much that in the end, i shared with my mum my concerns about this person and my mum then monitored it and came to the conclusion that the person was actually ok, but was very stressed doing her exams so that's why her appetite had a changed a little.

So telling an adult can really help and if she does have the beginnings of an eating disorder then hopefully if you tell an adult they will spot it as well and can get her some treatment as quickly as possible!!

Hope this advice is useful to you Smile

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