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How many calories should I eat when i'm weight restored?

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I'm since 2 days weight restored, and I'm trying now to eat intuetively! At the end of the day (with dinner too) I'm at 1800-1900 calories, and when I was gaining weight I ate 2500. How many should I eat right now? Should I make this calories up and be always at 2500 or should I just follow my hunger? I'm eating since 3 days this amount because of this intuetivly thing, and I'm afraid that my body got used to this calories and when I go another time to 2500 I will gain loads... Please help!!

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In the end, it shouldn't matter how many calories you eat. But under 2000 calories are not enough, even if you're weight restored. Are you sure your hungers cues are reliable yet?
How do you define "weight restored"? Have you stopped gaining or has someone told you that you're at your goal weight? I'd suggest you should stay at 2500, maybe it's not your setpoint yet, but I'm not completely sure either.

Hi Smile

I hope eating to your hunger cues works well for you Smile But for me, i personally found that this did not work for me. This was because i found that ED still had some control over me, and although i thought i was following my hunger cues... i soon discovered that when back on a meal plan that i had not been listening to hunger cues properly at all.

This doesn't mean to say that it wont work for you, but its always a good idea to take it easy when you are first weight restored because if you cut back your calories too much, your body can panic back into starvation mode really quickly... so its always best to take any decreases of calories slowly.

I can't really tell you how much you need to be eating to maintain your weight because it is different for everybody... it is dependent on your body's metabolism, your height, age, exercise levels and your body's natural set point. However, when i was at hospital for treatment, and i had my meal plan decreased, they only initially took out 200 calories when they did my first decrease. This was to avoid the body going into panic mode and thinking i was cutting back on energy and nutrients for it.

It doesn't seem like a lot, but even 200 calories can make a big difference to the body!! Remember that the body will not have got used to the calories you are eating in only 3 days, it can take the body a very long time to get used to calorie adjustments, so it's fine for you to eat 2500 again - all you may notice is some ''water weight'' because (i'm assuming), you will most probably have to drink a bit more on a 2500 calorie diet!

Also remember that your metabolism will have sped up and that if you cut back your calories for too long it can begin to get damaged again, so it is key that you stick with the right amount for your body!!

If you really don't know how much to eat to maintain your weight then perhaps ask anyone you see for treatment for some advice, or ask a doctor/nurse/psychologist or therapist. If you don't see anyone for treatment then maybe ask somebody you trust and who knows you for some advice!

I am sorry this is a long reply but in conclusion, any calorie decreases should be slow and steady!
Hope this helps! Smile

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