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anyone got any tips on how to cope with negative thoughts around increasing your meal plan? Is it normal to gain lots of weight in a short space of time when first increasing your food intake?

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Hi Everyone Smile
I'm new to this forum so i don't really know of anybody but it looks like it's a really good support network!

So what i wanted to ask people was if anybody had any tips as to how you cope with negative thoughts after you've increased the amount you eat in the day. I've recently increased my meal plan and i was just wondering if there is a way of dealing with some of the thoughts you get about feeling bad about it etc?

I was also wondering if anybody else had experienced it where they put on quite a lot of weight in a very short space of time (like 2 days?) when they first started to eat more and i wasn't sure if this was just because of like water retention or bloating... or if i have just simply put on a lot of weight in the last couple of days because i am eating more and my body is not used to it?

Thank you Smile

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First of all: it's against all physical principles to gain alot of weight in just a few days. What you experience is without doubt water retention, so just relax and it will pass Smile About difficult thoughts, it has helped me to talk about them or writing them down. Sometimes it can also be easier to talk over the phone that face to face. And it could also help a bit to remind yourself that they are just what they are - only thoughts. And thoughts cannot hurt you.

There was this one sentence that I kept saying to myself when the ED was screaming: "things tend to scream when they are being killed". And it helped a bit Smile

Good luck - you are doing great Smile

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Hello Smile (i'm the person who wrote the original topic question)
Just wanted to say thank you very much for your reply, it's really helpful and reassuring to hear what you have said! Thanks for the great advice too, i love the sentence "things tend to scream when they are being killed" Smile
Thank you for reminding me that thoughts cannot hurt me, but listening to ED and acting on what anorexia wants will hurt me Smile
Thank you! Smile

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I've written about to deal with the negative feelings here: http://letsrecover.tumblr.com/post/93382889265/hi-amalie-love-this-blog-its-been-so-helpful quoting;

I remind myself that these feelings and thoughs are not real. I have no reason to feel guilty - I am not doing anything wrong by eating. I have no reason to feel fat - I am normal weight and I have never looked better Wink The feelings are a part of recovery. Dont try to push them away. Accept their prescence, just dont let them harm you. They are just thoughts. Tell yourself ”ok, I feel like shit right now, but these are just a proof that I am working hard and killing my eating disorder - most tend to scream when they are dying. It will pass. I allow myself to feel this way, it is ok not to be ok, but it is not ok to do silly things. Then these thoughts will stay with me until the day I die. I want recovery”. Thoughts cant harm you unless you allow them to. Trust me when I say that the thoughts will fade with time.

Yes, it is normal to gain fast in the beginning. I gained 5 kg in a week. This is due to a slow metabolism (therefore, do not stay on too little calories because you gain fast, this will keep your metabolism slow!), food in your stomach/system (digestion goes slow) and last but not least... water retention. Water retention can make you ''gain'' 5-8+ kg when you have in fact gained nothing at all. More about this on the FAQ at letsrecover.tumblr.com Smile

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Hello Amalie Smile Thank you so much for your reply to my topic question!!
The quote is amazingly helpful and i have written this down and will look at it when i get those negative thoughts!!

The water retention thing is very misleading, as its easy for the eating disorder to convince me that this is genuine weight gain (i won't mention specific numbers or anything because i know this can be triggering!) but if it is just simply  ''water weight'' does that mean it will go at some point and my weight will drop again? My weight was going up a lot, and is now slightly decreasing the rate at which it goes up... i don't know - my body is confusing me!!

Thank you everyone for the great advice and help! Smile

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For me, my gaining slowed down at a point because some of the gain was "compensated" by loss of water. This happened more often after periods where I would stress a lot and get a lot of water retention and then lose the water again afterwards. The weight gain is rarely linear anyways, so as long as you see a long term trend of gaining enough, it should be fine Smile

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Hi Smile Thank you for this advice, it is very reassuring and i believe something similar may be happening to myself right now. flower

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