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Please advice!

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1 Please advice! on Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:18 pm

I had anorexia nervosa and for 5 months ago I decided to recover by following Minnie Mauds guidelines.
The hardest part has been weight gain and extreme hunger. Now I weight even more than I did before my ed and it seems like i'm still gaining, all though it's not as much as before.

The thing is I recently started to allow myself to eat more sugar. In the beginning I just followed my extreme hunger by eating "clean". It could be like 10 000 calories of just "healthy" food but I want to eat what ever I want so I started to break that habbit and allow myself everything. The problem is that now, that's like all I want. I only crave ice cream, cookies and so on, like obsessed. I eat a big breakfast, lunch but than I still want a pit of icecream, two chokolatebars and 5 five cookies afterwards like today. This scares me. I wanna be able to eat like a normal person and I really don't wanna gain more.
Should I keep doing this and trust my body will make this end by itself? What are your opinions?
My therapft don't want me to gain more either.

Thank you

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2 Re: Please advice! on Mon Dec 22, 2014 3:37 pm

You are doing so amazing Smile I'm so happy that you are able to let go of all the restrictive thoughts! You're doing exactly as you should. The cravings for food high in sugar and fat will go away when your body had gotten enough of it. Then you will start wanting more "normal" foods (notice that I don't characterize food as healthy or unhealthy, because there exists no such distinction).
And remember, neither you or your therapist can decide what your final weight should be. Only your body knows that! Trust it that it knows what's best for it. If your therapist tells you otherwise, then find another one!!

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3 Re: Please advice! on Mon Dec 22, 2014 7:10 pm

I have exactly the same problem, I also weigh more than pre ED and I'm still gaining. I'm only 3 months in and I have extreme hunger and uneven weight all over. Just listen to your body, if you didn't need it, you wouldn't crave it Smile you're doing amazing! xxx

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